Thoughts on Tutoring by Sydney

My name is Sydney. I am tutor at Badass Tutors. I have been an artist for over 20 years. I was born in Washington DC and grew up in Virginia. In January of 2009, I moved to San Luis Obispo.
Thoughts on Tutoring
In my opinion, tutoring is not just about teaching the fundamentals but also about listening. Each individual student has a specific manner in which they learn best. It is my endeavor to uncover this and fine-tune instructions so the student can receive what is being explained as well as perhaps discovering how to grasp the concepts better on their own. Creating an environment where learning is fun; to take the chore and dread out of a subject which might not be their favorite is beneficial. Being constructive in my methods to boost the student’s confidence in the subject or project is what I strive for. I am compassionate, passionate, detail oriented and punctual. Additionally, I have assisted children with autism with communication challenges, difficulties with social interaction and gaining confidence. I creatively utilize this broad range of skills.
More Information
Substitute teacher in private school in various subjects grades K-7. Main focus- English, Art and General  Studies.
I have taught art classes privately with small groups of children as well as private individual lessons. Recently I taught 17 autistic students art. The curriculum was designed and written by me and has had overwhelming success. Each class was organized around a different artist or style. Students used colored pencils, colored paper, crayons, stickers and more to create pieces inspired by those artists, as well as pop culture and politics. At the end of each class they explained to the other students why they felt their project supported the style taught. They had direction as well as freedom to make choices as an artist. They learned “public speaking” in a safe environment. (To be noted- this is often extremely difficult for people on the spectrum.) To bring enthusiasm to whatever I am instructing is a part of what I aspire to.
I have extensive training and continuing education in art and oil painting. I am adept in acrylic paint as well.  Figure and portrait drawing classes and workshops in advanced color application and methods from some of the leading artists in the country have been studied.
Other interests/hobbies
I’m an avid reader- mystery, history, the “cozy” and just great books! I’m working on writing and illustrating a series of children’s books. Cooking and baking epicurean delights. Picnics and the beach. I regularly go to yoga. Additional information about me- let’s see. I was born in Washington, DC and moved to San Luis Obispo in January of 2009. Past experiences and endeavors including but not limited to- I have designed all manner gardens. Of particular interest was a “four season style garden with plants appropriate for the time period” and complete with topiaries for George Washington’s summer home in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Four season French “potager” gardens as well as English cottage gardens were also in the mix. I’ve studied quite a bit of art history. I’ve done interior design work. Themed children’s rooms have been especially fun. Tutoring, teaching, and art workshops. I love learning. Soaking up input. I have a penchant for words. The thesaurus is something I visit daily. Some of the painting workshops I have attended are plein air (a French term which means “in the open air”) classes especially related to color methods and application. I’ve studied under some of the top oil painters in the country. The workshops are often a week long. You rise at the wee hours and study in front of your easel for about 10 to 12 hours or so a day, every day, for week. It’s not for the faint of heart. The weather can be nasty. The bugs can be heinous. If this is your desire you show up; and this is undoubtedly my passion. So ask me what I do, and my answer in short order will be this- I’m a contemporary Impressionist oil painter. I just happen to be quite adept in other arenas as well.

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