Thoughts on Tutoring by Andre: Why hiring a tutor is a great investment

Why hiring a tutor is a great investment in your education!

I am a Cal Poly graduate in engineering and have been tutoring science and engineering for over ten years. I was an NSF STEM tutor at the junior college level. I was a graduate assistant for three years in engineering. I even spent a year teaching engineering at the university level at CSUF. These remarks are from my own experience teaching, tutoring and working for professors.

Cal Poly has some of the best undergraduate programs in the US. Private tutors are now common place at Cal Poly. Hiring an experienced tutor usually means a better grade. For those students who want go to graduate school or onto a professional program, a failed class or even a C is usually unacceptable. Having a tutor is a major advantage in the harder courses. If you absolutely need an A or B, you should hire an experienced tutor!

Professors have hundreds of undergraduate students and can only spend a small amount of time with an individual student. The professors must spend additional with the graduate students, faculty and the administration. They also have their own research and professional practice.

A good tutor can save the student several hours every week in wasted time and frustration. That time struggling can be better spent in other courses or getting to know your professors, fellow students, and participating in school activities.

It costs around $20K a year to attend Poly, including living expenses. Textbooks for single quarter can easily be $500 or more for science and engineering. Compared to the price of your education, a good private tutor is a bargain, especially for a challenging class.

Many of the school tutors at Poly are still learning their subjects. They can solve basic problems, but many still have difficulty explaining concepts which are necessary for success on exams. Sometime getting help from a classmate is a mistake since they don’t yet understand the material and frequently give wrong answers. The best tutors have at least a bachelor’s degree and professional experience tutoring. I personally prepare additional materials for my students which from my experience teaching and tutoring engineering which give my students a major edge over the other students in the class.

Failing or repeating a course at Poly will usually result in a one year delay in education since many classes are now impacted. For an engineering student that means the loss of $70k in starting salary and an additional $20K at Poly. That’s close to $100K mistake which you can easily solve by hiring a tutor. It also means you probably won’t get that summer internship you wanted or a professor’s recommendation for a job.

Hiring an experienced tutor is not a good investment, it is a GREAT investment in your future!

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