Power of Political Incorrectness in Memory Training

I marvel at the sensitivities of people in modern times. Being politically incorrect has never been more fun yet more dangerous. You can actually get physically assaulted for offending someone. Political incorrectness is a great tool for memory training. If you are particularly “triggerable”, then you have the potential for a great memory. If I haven’t triggered you too much at this point, read on. If I have, take a deep breath, and keep reading. My advice will help you even more.

What is it that we tend to remember? Certainly things that we are fond of that “trigger” positive emotions. But what about things that give us negative emotions? Ya, we remember those even more: a heart break, an injury, an offense! Things that don’t make sense to us or that are simply vile to the senses, a foul smell perhaps. Scent is a very strong trigger of memories, so much that I even experimented with good and bad scents while studying to see if it helped me remember stuff. The jury is still out on that, but that’s not what I am advising.

What I want you to learn is to offend yourself, secretly. No one needs to know your memory tricks. In my ebook I definitely give you examples. I won’t do that here, but I want you to understand the concept rather than push you into a tizzy. Using offensive memory tricks is an art, and for some it is difficult because of the times we live in. Trust me when I say linking offensive or disgusting memory tricks to new material you have to memorize will cut your memorization time in half, and it will take much less effort. From history to foreign languages, from memorizing numbers in formulas or dates, you can use my memory tricks. You can ask your tutor to come up with some real zingers or learn it for yourself. As a chemist, most of my examples come from chemistry, but I have been hired by many students just to come up with ridiculous memory tricks for classes I never had. I am certainly at your service for this, but my goal is to train you to be your own Equal Opportunity Professional Offender (EOPO). No discrimination here. Everyone can be a great self offender!

Note: Yes, you can avoid being offensive in memory tricks in lieu of simply using exaggerated, nonsensical, funny memory tricks, but I have found that the offensive ones far more effective.

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