New students secrets to success in college

When you first arrive you may be taken through a few days of orientation. At Cal Poly that means WOW or Week of Welcome. Many fun things to do, not much sleep, some of you feeling sad about mom or dad leaving. Trust me, it gets better. You will be so busy soon you won’t miss them as much.

What they won’t tell you is study skills. It’s not that they can’t but you will hear the typical nonsense of “study 25-30” hours per week, a one size fits all approach. If you want to succeed in college, you have to go all out. You need to revamp your entire approach. What worked in high school won’t work in college. You don’t want to study more. You want to learn to study fast and efficiently. You will want to exercise and keep a proper diet. You will want to learn from the pros, advanced study skills customized for each student.

To learn more, consider purchasing my study skills ebook or get a study skills tutor now.

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