Nerds There’s Hope for You Too

I came across an interesting website, a company that specializes in helping “introverted alphas,” what I call “nerds.”  Dating Coach Sarah Jones reveals that introverted men, typically educated engineering and science types, can be very attractive to women. This is great news for me, for even I have sought to impress the ladies in bars with my organic chemistry skills. In fact, I once found myself the object of interest and acquired a student by practicing bar napkin ochem in a semi-intoxicated state. I guess I must have impressed because we started tutoring the next day and she went from an F to an A (ya, even I was shocked). Even though my effort didn’t lead to a date, showing your intelligence can have positive effects and if nothing else, you’ve made a friend. Sarah points out that intelligence is quite attractive to many women. Sarah provides services to clients from around the world, but if you wish to get started she offers a helpful ebook on finding your “vibe,” strategies that work for you because they focus on you. She discusses why the one size fits all approach from typical PUA’s (Pick Up Artists) doesn’t work. You learn how to focus on your strengths and what makes you unique to attract women. I am sure this approach works for women who want to attract men as well.

Sarah’s 5 main points in her free ebook are:

  1. Know Who You Are
  2. Know Who You Want To Attract
  3. Know What She Wants
  4. Find The Intersection Between Her Desires & You
  5. Present Yourself Accordingly (Vibe)

I highly recommend you read her ebook. I certainly did. You can find more information 9n her website Introverted Alpha. She also has a helpful blog and provides custom services for men.

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