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Okay, if you got this far you are definitely interested in what I have to say. I appreciate that. The topics you have read so far are found in my ebook Conquer Your Classes, the free version. In my ebook I can definitely expand on each topic and provide graphics for examples. The Study Skills Assessment (SSA) is provided in the free version. The other assessments we use to make you a total Badass Student are found in the comprehensive version and is available for purchase. In it we include the SSA, NFA, HEA, and LSA: the Study Skills Assessment, Nutritional-Fitness Assessment, Home Environment Assessment, and the Learning Styles Assessment, respectively. All of my research and advice is provided in the extended version. Your purchase is 100{1870485bc5b1e7a5aedc33fc808a1cb6336e9aafb8d054494e763b3ec6cda6b5} guaranteed to improve your grades or your money back. When purchasing tutoring combined with the Guaranteed A or B or it’s FREE! program, if you do not get the grade promised, you get a free quarter or semester on us, for the same or any class next term.


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