Yes, You Should Use a Tutoring Service (and what to look for)

Okay, so if you are reading this, then you have decided that it is worth saving the time and effort by counting on a credible tutoring service, but what should you look for before entrusting your money to any tutoring business? Let me break it down in 5 easy to spot characteristics.

The service should actually test and know their tutors

At Badasstutors, our tutors are not just on a massive list, unknown and isolated in the ether of the tutoring universe! EVERY tutor is interviewed by not only me but he/she is also assigned a “tutor mentor,” an experienced tutor who really knows his/her stuff. We believe tutors should feel like they are part of a family and I work hard to make that a reality. All tutors meet each other and are encouraged to trade contact information, so that they can learn to rely on each other. This is completely unique. Most tutoring services do not want tutors to meet mainly because they don’t want tutors to know if another tutor is mistreated by the service. I have seen many characters among the service owners, but I won’t name them here! We encourage communication, mentorship, and friendship among our tutors. It also helps when a tutor is sick as he/she doesn’t have to call me but can simply call a colleague whom he/she trusts. (Though he/she also calls me later so I know whom to pay.)

The service must have experienced tutors who know what they are talking about

At Badasstutors, we have some of the best and most experienced tutors in the industry. We tend to attract the type of tutor who hates tutoring services. Yes, I do mean that. We attract the best because we treat them the best. I treat them how I would want to be treated because, yes, I am a tutor, too. For example, tutors are paid when they ask to be paid. That means we are working hard to pay them the same day they work. And while we also have some less experienced tutors, we are completely transparent so you know who is who. We test them for ability and make sure the less experienced tutors have a mentor. Sometimes a mentor will actually tutor the less experienced tutors in case they need a refresher in a course, and I pay the mentor to do that tutoring. That way if you are getting one of our newer, often less expensive tutors, you are getting the benefit of the more experienced tutor who has shared their expertise with your actual tutor. And if having someone new scares you, you can always bite the bullet and go for one of our best (and possibly more expensive) tutors. At Badass Tutors, tutors actually set their own rates so you can often find a good deal if one of our veterans chooses to lower his/her prices. That’s called free market, baby!

The service will background check and/or publish tutor ratings

At Badasstutors, we offer our tutors the option of getting a background check as well as provide student comments and ratings. But here is the truth about background checks. No one on the planet can predict a tutor’s future behavior from information about his/her past. Remember that. Comments and ratings, we publish them all, but sometimes tutors and students do not mesh well, or the tutoring style is just different than what the student needs. It is always best to try one or two tutors to make sure the fit is right. Our more experienced tutors can also adapt their styles to what the student needs. That’s one advantage in getting a veteran tutor.

The service must publish their rates

There is an ongoing debate about this concept. What I have discovered is that services that don’t publish their rates do not have confidence you will buy from them if you knew the costs up front. Furthermore, you are more likely to get a “tough sell.” And if you don’t buy, you will receive so many follow up calls that they may drive you into a sale just to stop the harassment. Now, I won’t say which services do that but many of you may have one in mind. At Badasstutors, we publish all of our rates as well as the discounts, and we will not hound you to make the sale. You can also choose your own tutors from their online profiles and even contact the tutors first before you buy. Or if you prefer, for faster placements, you can have us choose for you. We have actually placed students using the latter method in as little as 5 minutes. You don’t even have to call us. Text our main number, and see if we can beat 300 seconds!

The best services offer a guarantee

Usually, the best guarantee you will get is “we guarantee results,” but even I, having been in this business for years, am still not sure what that means because even a bad grade could be considered a “result.” At Badasstutors, we offer an actual guaranteed grade, and I am pretty sure no other tutoring service does that. I am so sure that you will make the grade promised, I am willing to give you a free quarter or semester of tutoring if you don’t. Of course, you have to actually show up to your tutoring sessions, not skip any tests, and apply our study skills advice, but that is what you are paying for anyways!

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