Gott-Cornell Note Taking

Taking notes is a skill you must master. Learning to take notes once, not miss any information, and not have to recopy your notes are key. Many students waste precious time recopying their notes, or by making flashcards and depending on rote memorization to remember the information. This has to stop.

You don’t need to recopy notes. The time wasted making flashcards is not studying. It is not memorizing. I teach you to memorize faster and more effectively using creative memory tricks and keywords on your actual notes. The Gott-Cornell method of notetaking builds on the classical Cornell method by adding the use of keywords, placed strategically in the margins of your notes pages. You then write your own test questions and collate them on a master questions page. By writing your own test questions and comparing them to those your professor asks, you develop the ability to predict test questions. You learn to think like a professor. You can figure out exactly what will be asked on a test. That is a powerful and useful talent, one that I have offered my students for years. Yes, I can actually predict test questions, and so can you.

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