Okay back at it. Part 2 of my edits of COSAM trying to tell you, and lying, how to get out in 4 years. Original post at

Second Year

  • Meet with your academic advisor every quarter.

So he or she can tell how few options you have and nothing has changed since last quarter. Gotta make them at least believe they are helpful.

  • In fall quarter, plan your coursework for the coming year.

Hell, it’s hard enough to plan for the current quarter. Just get your classes if you can and if you can’t, show up anyway. Keep showing up to the class whose professor says “we full” and eventually you will either get into the class or you will get arrested…. no. That did NOT happen to me.

  • By spring quarter, determine your concentration (if applicable) with your advisor. Then send an email from your Cal Poly email account with the following:
    • To:
    • Subject line: Last name/declare concentration
    • Body: your full name, major, catalog year (eg. 17-19), EMPL ID and concentration you intend to pursue.
    • This will allow your degree progress report to be updated with the appropriate coursework.

Sounds good to me. Add a few emojis. We didn’t have crap like that when I went to school.

  • Meet with your career counselor to further define your career goals. Career services is in the process of hiring a dedicated career counselor for COSAM. Once someone has been hired, they will hold drop-in advising in the COSAM Advising Center once a week, or will be available by appointment in Career Services.

See my part 1, just skip to joining an academic club. They are the exact same experience as a social only club. They are co-ed. You will be partying and drinking just as much alcohol as the non-nerd clubs.

  • Update your resume.

Ya, and exaggerate.

  • If you are interested in a career in research, become involved in a research experience in your major. Check with your department office to find out about opportunities.

Again, as everyone is doing the same thing, it “pays” to offer yourself as a slave and do free work. Professors need literature reviews for their research projects. They need slaves to wash glassware. Today a lab rat, tomorrow the head of the department. Everyone pays his dues.

  • If pursuing a health career, continue strengthening your pre-health professional school application and further develop your relationship with the Pre-Health Advisors.

Here’s all you need to know to get into medical, dental, or vet school. The big 4 are: 1. grades 2. MCAT, DAT or whatever 3. research 4. volunteer experience. Graduate programs, especially medical school, which is my experience, love volunteer experience. Go help take care of starving orphans or hell go help build the wall on the border. Whatever it is, make it different. I volunteered for the Flying Samaritans and flew down to Baja, Mexico to help with their free surgery clinics. Later, I started the Flying Samaritans student chapter, a club which earned the 1993 Club of the Year Award for COSAM. No, it didn’t have anything to do with the fact I was the COSAM Council Chair, too. Well, maybe it did.

Oh crap, I already wrote about this. Well, I’m too lazy to copy and paste. Go through Cal Poly or go find your own experience. The Flying Samaritans, I found them because I volunteered at French Hospital. Take the initiative, find your own sh!t.

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