Don’t Study 25-35 hours per week

You may have seen those yellow flyers around the Cal Poly campus “Study 25-35 hours per week.” It’s a nice guideline for the time you should spend on studies, but it does nothing to educate you on what to do. You could indeed spend 35 hours studying per week or much more if you don’t know how to study efficiently. In reality, you should be studying MUCH LESS. I would rather the college put up signs that say “Study smart or don’t study at all.” Now that would get everyone’s attention!

Students coming out of high school are not usually taught how to study. That’s a shame! You can’t get away with the same lazy or time wasting habits you used in high school. There just isn’t time for that anymore. You shouldn’t usually be making flashcards, rewriting your notes, studying in 3-hour blocks of time, or cramming the night before for a test. You can’t write your papers the night before, or at least you shouldn’t. It’s taxing on the mind and body, an unnecessary stress you just don’t need. Want to go to graduate or medical school? Think about how much material is covered in one class in high school. That’s about what one quarter or semester of college is. Now imagine one year of a college class. That’s one quarter in medical school. Ya, you are going to need advanced study skills training. I will provide you much advice here but for advanced training please request a free copy of my study skills ebook Conquer Your Classes.

What you need is a game plan, a “war chest,” a complete study skills “overhaul.” You need to learn to study fast and furious! Efficiency matters. I will spend the next few blog entries getting you prepared to be a badass student, someone who can memorize in the half the time with half the effort. I will teach you how to take notes once, manage your time, talk to your professors, and get points toward an A you didn’t actually earn. I will teach you how to overcome test anxiety, the dreaded “blanking out” phenomenon on tests. You think you have ADHD? Short attention span? You do, and so do we all. How often does the 5 second Youtube commercial seem like an eternity? I will show you how to take advantage of our universal short attention span.

Keep reading, there’s much I can do to help you.

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