A Consultant’s Spin on Dating

by Denise Monasteri

A couple of months ago, I was having lunch with a friend who was new to the dating scene.  My friend was expressing how perplexing the dating world is these days, especially with all the social networking sites available.  She was ultimately questioning, “How do I weed out unqualified candidates?”  As my friend was talking, a light bulb went on in my head.  For the past few weeks, I have been working on a project to revamp Kenway Consulting’s recruiting process, and I thought I could help my friend find viable dating candidates by leveraging the same principles as those of the recruiting process.   It’s a stretch, I know, applying what I do for work to my friend’s social dilemma.  But hear me out.

Kenway identifies potential candidates through multiple avenues, including employee referrals, networking, LinkedIn searches, websites resume submissions, etc.  Regardless of where Kenway finds a candidate, the interview process the candidate goes through is the same.

Kenway’s interview process consists of three main steps: Screening, Skills Assessment, and Situational Assessment:

The three interviews (screening, skills and situational) can then be tied to the first three dates:

  • The goal of the first date, which has similar qualities to the screening interview, is to determine if your date is a good enough fit for you go on a second date. This can be a short get-to-know you date. If your date was referred to you, ask questions about the things you already know about them. If you found them online, ask questions about their profile. Get clarity around things that are important to you and confirm they are of the same importance to your date.
  • The goal of the second date, which has similar qualities to the skills interview, is to determine if your date has similar personal interests. Get to know them better by asking questions around things you like to do. If their interests match yours, this can be a good indication that you would enjoy spending time together.
  • The goal of the third date, which has similar qualities to the situational interview, is to determine if the person has a similar belief structure to yours. Bring up things about which you are passionate, whether they are volunteering, exercise or politics, and get their perspective on it.

At the end of the three interviews or at the end of your three dates, you should have enough information to know if you want to move forward. If moving forward with hiring a candidate, Kenway sends an offer letter. When moving forward in a dating relationship, the next date gets planned. In both cases, the decision to not move forward should be communicated clearly. In both situations, the goals are the same. Kenway is seeking to recruit and hire the most qualified consultants that can form lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with clients and co-workers alike. In some cases, the dating process ends similarly – in lasting, mutually beneficial situations.

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