Dating Consulting Advice by Sydney

Consider this as Outsourcing


It’s part of our culture. Why must you feel you can tackle dating and relationships on your own? They can be confusing, to put it mildly. How about we start with the core… practice nourishing you and remember that no one “diet” works for all. We will explore self-confidence; including fake it ‘til you make it. Stand tall. Have conviction in the things you say and don’t take yourself too seriously. “An incorrect brushstroke confidently placed is better than a correct brushstroke hesitantly placed.” (Sergei Bongart.) This shall be a veritable buffet to coax out the vibrant you that you desire to bring into life and your relationships. Wipe those sweaty palms on your pants. Practice speaking from your heart because it feeds you. Realize giving and receiving are equally nutritious. Now, make sure you look gorgeous. “Daring greatly is being brave and afraid every minute of the day at the exact same time.” (B. Brown). So, dare to dive into the life and relationship you have been craving.

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