College Nerd Social Life 101

You made it. You got through high school. You’re in college now. High school sucked.  You had no social status. You maybe even had negative social status like I did. I sucked cool out of every room I walked into. How do you change that in college? You gotta get creative. Use your intelligence for good, your own good. Here are some ideas.


I majored in chemistry when I started college. I was damn good at chemistry. In fact, I led the class. When I got to organic chemistry, I led the university. I was like a duck in water. For my general education classes, I set the curve and was off the charts. I was getting straight A’s so it wasn’t hard to stand  out. What you do to earn top grades for all of your classes is, first, learn how to study smart, as in use my study skills advice. You then work hard early and earn your way to the top of the class. You get the high scores but you don’t tell anyone. You gotta be doing so well that you have plenty of time to waste, then you pull the “Einstein Maneuver.” Find a hot girl in the class who you know is struggling and suggest a study group. Get a few girls together with just you, that’s ideal. They can all be hot, or just the target girl, whatever. Assuming you were like me and had zero game, this is your in. You set up a study group and before you get there, make sure you know everything. Study before the group meets and then when you go to the meeting, you ask the girls questions as if you didn’t know the answers. You study, talk awhile, get to know each other, study more. In essence, you don’t really need their help. You are just going to get comfortable talking to girls. In time, it increases your confidence and ability to talk to the hottest girls. It doesn’t matter if the effort leads to any real dates or a girlfriend. It’s just about practicing getting comfortable talking to hot chicks.


Another method is you offer to help a girl who is struggling with free tutoring. For this method you have to let her know you are the god of the class. It’s not hard. Just sit at the front of the class every day and tilt your test up when you get it back. Smile at everyone when you get your test back. Act all excited. Ask that hot chick you like, “How did you do?” Look for someone who is hot but who really tanked the exam. Offer some free help and, boom, you have a study date. To avoid the appearance of bragging, I would ask the girl in question what she wrote on a problem she got right. I would then show her my test turned to the same question and say, “Oh, right, I should have gotten that. Would have gotten a 100{1870485bc5b1e7a5aedc33fc808a1cb6336e9aafb8d054494e763b3ec6cda6b5} if I had. Thank you.”


The goal here is to increase your confidence by using your strength: intelligence. Girls actually like smart guys, you just have to also look good, too.  You could use the opportunity to help girls by asking for an image makeover. Ask her to take you shopping for clothes. Once you have the look and the confidence to talk to girls, you will find yourself actually on more and more dates. You will have had the makeover for the next girl you meet in class or the girl who helped you, take her out once you have the confidence. It’s all about practicing your game, what I call “coffee shop” game: talking to girls game.


Another idea is to join social clubs. Sure, you could join a few university wide clubs, like a bowling team or intramural sports team. But you’re a nerd. Why are trying to impress anyone with sports skills. You’d probably suck anyway. No, you join an academic club. Trust me, you will find hot girls who are also smart in college. I joined Alpha Chi Sigma, the chemistry “fraternity.” As an academic fraternity it was co-ed. I can’t tell you how many couples formed in the club. One couple later got married. No, I didn’t get a girl this way but it happens. When we had parties, and yes we did have parties, you have a leg up because EVERYONE at the party was a nerd, and nerds naturally bond well.


I once had a nerdy friend who told me a crazy story. He was an engineering student who took an English class. He was known as the major smart guy in his class. One day, two girls came up to him and said, “We would do ANYTHING if you write our papers for us.” By the smile on his face, I didn’t have to ask if he wrote the papers. These are what legends are made of in the nerd world. Though, I can’t say if it really happened or not, nor that I ever had this offer, just knowing it could happen is inspiring enough.


Use your nerdiness. Use your strengths.

2 thoughts on “College Nerd Social Life 101”

  • Gabriel Levy

    “Girls actually like smart guys, you just have to also look good, too.” It’s easy to use intelligence as a flirting technique. All you need to do is to be above a 7… LOL

    • Badass Robb

      It’s important to note just about everyone in college looks good. Youth is attractive, but we tend to think we don’t look good at any age. I didn’t think I was handsome in college. i was. So look at yourself now and believe. You can get girls right now, you just need to believe it and start practicing.

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