How Offensiveness Can Lead to a Great Memory!

I’ve spent a lifetime watching and remembering a vast array of uncomfortable images in order to build the foundation of a more perfect memory. (What the hell did he just say?) Long, long ago in an adolescence far, far away, I came across a book in a used book store: The Memory Book. It was […]


Okay back at it. Part 2 of my edits of COSAM trying to tell you, and lying, how to get out in 4 years. Original post at Second Year Meet with your academic advisor every quarter. So he or she can tell how few options you have and nothing has changed since last quarter. […]


Cal Poly COSAM, College of Science and Math, has some recommendations for graduating in four years. Here are some edits for reality. I was a chemistry and biochemistry double major at Cal Poly, got into medical school, then transferred out to do my PhD in Environmental Chemistry. If you want to succeed in college, read […]


New students secrets to success in college

When you first arrive you may be taken through a few days of orientation. At Cal Poly that means WOW or Week of Welcome. Many fun things to do, not much sleep, some of you feeling sad about mom or dad leaving. Trust me, it gets better. You will be so busy soon you won’t […]

Memory Training: How to study less, get better grades!

An excerpt from my study skills ebook Conquer Your Classes…   Welcome to the memory training section! In these pages you will find THE secret to my success as both a student and tutor, and for the thousands of students I tutored throughout my career. The following memory training made me one of the most successful science […]

Beating Procrastination: Study only 5 minutes a day!

Hello fellow procrastinators, delayers, and the unmotivated. Welcome to my world. Everyone does it now and then, even the biggest achievers. How to fight it and win? Battle by battle and in just 5 minutes.   Most important, DON’T STUDY 25-35 HOURS PER WEEK, as the flyers on campus say. No way. I ain’t even […]

Smoke Weed and Drink Beer to Ace Your Tests?

For any parents reading this, I am absolutely not advocating any student should smoke weed or drink beer to take tests. This advice comes from two case studies in which I helped students overcome severe “test anxiety,” the phenomenon of blanking out on tests many students suffer. These two students were not responding to my […]