Memory Training: How to study less, get better grades!

An excerpt from my study skills ebook Conquer Your Classes…   Welcome to the memory training section! In these pages you will find THE secret to my success as both a student and tutor, and for the thousands of students I tutored throughout my career. The following memory training made me one of the most successful science […]

Beating Procrastination: Study only 5 minutes a day!

Hello fellow procrastinators, delayers, and the unmotivated. Welcome to my world. Everyone does it now and then, even the biggest achievers. How to fight it and win? Battle by battle and in just 5 minutes.   Most important, DON’T STUDY 25-35 HOURS PER WEEK, as the flyers on campus say. No way. I ain’t even […]

Smoke Weed and Drink Beer to Ace Your Tests?

For any parents reading this, I am absolutely not advocating any student should smoke weed or drink beer to take tests. This advice comes from two case studies in which I helped students overcome severe “test anxiety,” the phenomenon of blanking out on tests many students suffer. These two students were not responding to my […]

Mind and Body Approach to Success in School

To make you a Badass Student, we address everything that can make or break your studying efforts and threaten your success in school. We not only advise you how to study smart, saving time, but also how to incorporate exercise into the studying environment. We advise you on how to eat right, especially on a […]

How to party more and study less, get better grades

What would college be if it weren’t for the social opportunities? Partying takes many forms, but for me and my peers it meant parties. Even my academic fraternity, Alpha Chi Sigma, had parties. It was a co-ed fraternity so we had girls there. We were all 21 years old (not) so we could all drink […]