Advanced Speed Quiz Practice

If you have read my ebook Conquer Your Classes, or read parts of this blog, you know that I recommend you practice quizzes and tests fast. For students with moderate to severe test anxiety, this is half the battle, one method to improve tests results. The other method is a meditation-visualization process you can read about in my ebook. For practicing quizzes fast, normally you can find an empty classroom, either at night around 8.30pm or in the morning at 6am. If you can’t actually sit in your actual classroom, if it’s locked, then any classroom will do. You practice 10 minute quizzes going as fast as you can. Take note of your mistakes when under duress. Repeat similar problems that cause those mistakes. And, of course, punish yourself with exercise when you do not get 100{1870485bc5b1e7a5aedc33fc808a1cb6336e9aafb8d054494e763b3ec6cda6b5}. That’s the standard advice I give.


If you want to try an advanced speed quiz tactic, try this (warning, not for feint of heart). Wait outside a classroom for a class that is not yours. For example, if are practicing chemistry problems, wait outside a random class for maybe English. When the classroom doors open, run inside and sit in a chair that you know some other student probably uses every class. Start your 10 minute speed quiz you or your tutor prepared for you. Not only are their noises from students talking, there is also pressure of knowing you have to get out of there before the new class starts. Students will also be watching you and wondering why you are taking a quiz. Plus, if you don’t get out in time you will have to leave in front of a whole group of people being lectured by an English teacher.


None of my students ever did this, but I am looking forward to hearing about it from the first one who does.


Talk about stress!



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