We all have ADHD: Learn to Study Fast

It’s not really a stretch to claim we all suffer ADHD. What I mean is we ally suffer from low attention span. Youtube is partly to blame.

Any of you find it difficult to wait 5 seconds before clicking the “Skip Ad” button? Notice that some companies now create 5 second advertisements? There is a reason for that. Youtube and technology have affected all of us to want and actually need information faster. You can actually get all the information about a product or service in just 5 seconds. If this is true, then why spend large blocks of time studying a subject when we could study it fast? I want you to learn how to gain and retain new knowledge in a fraction of the time you take now. By practicing studying fast, you will get faster. By practicing maintaining focus in short burts of time, you learn to soak up more in less time. Certainly, there is a right time to slow down, especially for difficult concepts, but for memorization and practice problems you want to go fast. With my techniques, you can cut your studying time in half with double the gains.

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