Learn to study fast and efficiently

— from an email to a student parent
Back in high school, I started on my journey to find out how to study efficiently, culminating in a 25 year pursuit of research and development into how students learn. I actually thought that just studying more was the secret, so my first quarter in college I studied an average of 4 hours a night on weekdays, 8 hours a night on weekends. I got average grades. So, I invested in several after school studying seminars, learning that it’s not about studying more but about studying smart. I actually studied less than first quarter, took more fun breaks and pursued hobbies, and did better. My memory techniques helped a lot in college but much more in medical school, where I had to compete with those  who I call “memory gods.”
I am fond of saying, “We all have photographic memories, not all of us have good film.”
Everyone thinks in pictures. We all have photographic memories. I just learned how to improve recall, and how to focus the images on your mind “film.” With these techniques I earned a 3.9 gpa in college, a 3.6 in med school and grad school. In my last year at Cal Poly I was Chairperson of the College of Science and Math Council, founded and ran the community service club Flying Samaritans Student Chapter, won the award for that club, had a job, a girlfriend, did research, and got into medical school.
What I learned is how to study fast and efficiently. All of my time saving techniques are in my ebook Conquer Your Classes. You may never have heard of this, but my study skills techniques combine studying with exercise, so that students can mimic the testing environment, practicing quizzes fast, and, of course, eating right. Combined with our tutoring, there’s no way a student gets less than a B. Straight A’s are also very possible. If only I knew in high school what I know now, though we all say that now, right?
Okay, so let me know how I can help. When your son learns what I know, his classmates will wonder how he did. I am certainly hoping he tells them!

2 thoughts on “Learn to study fast and efficiently”

  • Robert Wilson

    I think studying for hours does not help in scoring higher grades. You need to relax your mind. Some students keep learning the topic without understanding the actual meaning. This kind of study is also a waste of time as it only remains in memory for some time. But for efficient study, Students must understand the topic deeply and the best way to remind things is to have pictures of them.
    Some students take help of tutors. I found tutoring the best way to understand things as there is more interaction between a tutor and student.

  • Iesha Noel

    Apart from efficient learning, tutors play a vital role in developing these fast learning and time saving skills in the student. My child was struggling to improve grades while preparing for her IGCSE in an international school and their school management said that she is not worthy of extended Maths version. My friend recommended me an IGCSE private tutor and with his help my child scored As in her subjects. So definitely tutors play an important role in developing the skills in students.

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