Image Consulting – It’s All About Styling

It’s ALL About Styling… Let’s jump right in here. I’ll offer advice that can help you land a job, get a promotion, find someone to love, or just feel good about yourself. Wishing to change or rediscover your look… Learn how to see your unique beauty and stop any negative commentary going on in your […]

How to Fill Out a Weekly, Monthly Schedule and Other Advice

–from an email to our students. Advice on making weekly schedules: Your weekly schedules, how to fill them out. Write down all activities that stay the same every week. I want you to start filling it in with what you are actually doing, maybe print the schedule and carry it with you. Write what changes […]

Memory Training: How to study less, get better grades!

An excerpt from my study skills ebook Conquer Your Classes…   Welcome to the memory training section! In these pages you will find THE secret to my success as both a student and tutor, and for the thousands of students I tutored throughout my career. The following memory training made me one of the most successful science […]

Beating Procrastination: Study only 5 minutes a day!

Hello fellow procrastinators, delayers, and the unmotivated. Welcome to my world. Everyone does it now and then, even the biggest achievers. How to fight it and win? Battle by battle and in just 5 minutes.   Most important, DON’T STUDY 25-35 HOURS PER WEEK, as the flyers on campus say. No way. I ain’t even […]