How Offensiveness Can Lead to a Great Memory!

I’ve spent a lifetime watching and remembering a vast array of uncomfortable images in order to build the foundation of a more perfect memory. (What the hell did he just say?) Long, long ago in an adolescence far, far away, I came across a book in a used book store: The Memory Book. It was […]


Cal Poly COSAM, College of Science and Math, has some recommendations for graduating in four years. Here are some edits for reality. I was a chemistry and biochemistry double major at Cal Poly, got into medical school, then transferred out to do my PhD in Environmental Chemistry. If you want to succeed in college, read […]


New students secrets to success in college

When you first arrive you may be taken through a few days of orientation. At Cal Poly that means WOW or Week of Welcome. Many fun things to do, not much sleep, some of you feeling sad about mom or dad leaving. Trust me, it gets better. You will be so busy soon you won’t […]


Okay back at it. Part 2 of my edits of COSAM trying to tell you, and lying, how to get out in 4 years. Original post at Second Year Meet with your academic advisor every quarter. So he or she can tell how few options you have and nothing has changed since last quarter. […]

Image Consulting – It’s All About Styling

It’s ALL About Styling… Let’s jump right in here. I’ll offer advice that can help you land a job, get a promotion, find someone to love, or just feel good about yourself. Wishing to change or rediscover your look… Learn how to see your unique beauty and stop any negative commentary going on in your […]

How to Fill Out a Weekly, Monthly Schedule and Other Advice

–from an email to our students. Advice on making weekly schedules: Your weekly schedules, how to fill them out. Write down all activities that stay the same every week. I want you to start filling it in with what you are actually doing, maybe print the schedule and carry it with you. Write what changes […]